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Visas and Immigration 2013

Jobs and Visas 2013

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 FAQs about Jobs and Visas


Tier1&2 Visas

Tier 1 Visas for UK

There have been changes introduced for new applications for HSMP visa and also for extension of the HSMP visa holders category. For more information on whether you qualify as a new applicant or for the extension of an HSMP visa, please contact a Diva Immigration Services representative for assessment of your points. The current pass mark HSMP extensions is 75 points. The passmark for applicants applying as new applicants is 95 points. These rules were introduced with effect from 29 February 2008, are applicable.

Required points for Age, Education and work experience in UK 75 points.

Proficiency in English -10 points

You are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language either with the;

Completion of a Bachelor's degree obtained where the medium of instruction was English


Scoring Band 6.5 or above in IELTS, that was taken within the last twenty four [24] months. The IELTS maybe 'General' or 'Academic'.


Age [yrs] Points
27 or under
28 or 29 10
30 or 31 5
32 and over 0

Education Qualifications

Education Qualification Points Awarded
Master's Degree 35 points
PhD 50 points

Previous Earnings

An applicant's earnings are calculated from any consecutive 12 month period within the previous 15 months that you worked in the UK before applying for an extension.

Annually [pounds] Points scored
£20,000 - £22,999 15
£23,000 - £25,999 20
£26,000 - £28,999 25
£29,000 - £31,999 30
£32,000 - £34,999 35
£35,000 - £39,999 40
£40,000+ 45

There are exceptions to this rule. Please check with one of the Diva Immigration Services Representatives if these exceptions apply to you.

UK Experience- Maximum 5 points
You maybe awarded points for having studied in UK only if you have successfully completed a Bachelor's or graduate degree within the preceding five years of which one year must have been completed in UK.

You can also get 5 points if you have earned £16,000 or more by working in UK in the last twelve (12) months legally.

Settlement /Maintainance Funds
Applicants must demonstrate that they have 800 GBP or more at available for their first three months in UK.

For more Information on Tier 2 visas please contact a Diva Immigration Services Representative.

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