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Visas and Immigration 2013

Jobs and Visas 2013

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Student Visa to Canada, UK & Australia
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Student Visa to Canada

Students lead to successful and well settled immigrants that form the working population  and skilled immigrants base for most countries. That is the primary reason for encouraging student visas  and attracting students  to countries like U.S.A., Canada, UK and Australia every year. Foreign students generate immediate revenue and provide the country with work force for the future.

Finding the right course of study at the right education institute can be a daunting procedure for both the student applicant and parents of the applicant who wish to ensure their child makes the right choice with the right guidance. Diva Immigration Service is here to assist families make that decision. Our overseas offices provide students with the information about courses they seek to pursue and facilitate liaison with the coordinators of institute they seek admissions into. We also provide students studying abroad with knowledge about their Immigration and work visa options, and ease the transition from being students to satisfied Immigrants in their country of choice.

On April 21, 2008, changes were made to work permits for International students to make Canada even more attractive a place to study. With immediate effect, and for the very first time international students, graduating from selected post-secondary educational institutes, can now obtain an open work permit as a part of the Post Graduate work permit. Students will now be able to obtain a three year work permit vis-a-vis the previous conditions for International students where the student could only get a one year Post-graduate work permit [two years in certain provinces], after the completion of their studies. Furthermore, there will be no requirement for a job offer and no restrictions on the type of work performed by the student under the provisions of the new rules.

This will be very beneficial for International students who want to take advantage of the Canadian Experience Class being introduced in fall 2008, to apply for Permanent Residency, since at least one year of work experience is required from the applicant to apply under this category for permanent residence status to Canada. This will contribute tremendously to filling the labour shortages experienced by employers all over Canada, apart from being a major contributor for students to select Canada as their destination for studies. Moreover, the transition from study permits to work permits and finally to Permanent resident status will be smoother and easier for students and will also ensure that they will be able to economically establish themselves in Canada.

To find out more about the Post-Graduate work permit programme, for International students, please contact our Guidance Counsellor at the local Diva Immigration Services office.

If you or your relative wish to study in Canada, please ensure that you/they start the application process, six months prior to course date according to the education institute. The course of study and education institute must be selected carefully keeping in mind the duration of the course, the tuition fees, options available for the students after completing the course etc.

If you are unsure of the course of study or education institute you wish to pursue your education at, please contact our Guidance Counsellor for helping you with all your questions

You must obtain an acceptance letter from the institute you wish to study, check if there is a language requirement for the course etc. You must fill out the application form completely and provide signatures where necessary and submit the application with the additional document requirements of the study permit. The visa officer must be satisfied of the your intention to study the course, your[ your parents/ person mentioned on the application providing financial support], financial ability to pay the fees and living expenses in Canada. The visa office must also be provided with sufficient evidence of your intention to leave Canada after the duration of studies is completed in Canada.

It is highly recommended to provide a Statement of Purpose with the Study permit file. The Statement of Purpose should state the students interest in the course, how the course would help the student achieve career goals etc.

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Mrs. Divya Bakshi Arya
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