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Visas and Immigration 2013

Jobs and Visas 2013

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Immigration to Canada,U.K and Australia

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Tourist Visa to Canada, UK & Australia
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 FAQs about Jobs and Visas


"Most Consulate take from 4 upto 10 days to issue a tourist visa"For US B-1 is referred as Business visa and B-2 as tourist visa. B-1 is business visa and B-2 is a tourist visa, though they are often issued together to allow flexibility of purpose. B-1/2 are issued for ten year. You may not be employed or operate your own business in the US on a visitor's visa. Although you may make any number of trips into the US on a visitor's visa the length of each visit is limited to a maximum of six months. After six months, you must either leave or apply for an extension of stay. You may not legally use your visitor's visa to live permanently in the US.

This is a normal practice with Embassies of USA, UK, Canada and European countries to stamp passport if visa is denied. USA: if Consular officer is convinced after asking you a few questions and examining your documents of your assets and family funds and that you will come back after your study, business, holiday trip or meeting your relatives, he will grant you the visa otherwise he will stamp your passport saying " Visa Application Received on…" This means visa is denied.

UK High Commission is very unique. After Entry Officer interviews you and if he is not satisfied , he will deny the visa by giving a letter of reasons and will also stamp your passport.You have the right to reapply personally or by mail as per the UK Immigration Law.

Visa is normally rejected because:
» Your answers to the questions are not satisfactory.
» The interpreter wrongly interprets you if you are giving interview in Hindi or Punjabi.
» Your file is not complete as per your profession/business/job. You do not have the sufficient funds or the officer has his own doubts of your intentions.

MOST IMPORTANT: you were not able to explain during your interview the purpose of your visit and why you will come back.

Even if your visa is denied or rejected and passport is stamped once or twice, after going through your file, we can assess the reasons for denial and offer you appropriate advice. We have to rearrange and add additional documents if required,and also prepare the individual for personal interview ,if person has been asked to appeal before a visa officer.

Our experience shows that when you apply by mail on the basis of genuine emergency, we make a special request that you should be considered once again and given the opportunity to explain your case, normally the high ranking officer of the embassy goes through your file and they send you a letter to reappear, in most of the cases visa is granted. For more details consult us.

We guide you by informing you about the general policies & rules & how to go about applying for a visa professionally. We only offer advice, no guarantees are given nor do we make any statement on behalf of any embassy or consulate.

Applying as a Tourist Visa to Canada

Canada is one of the most popular tourist places due to its scenic beauty and multi cultural diversity. Canada welcomes many tourists from all over the world every year and has become one of the popular ‘movie making’ destination for shooting Bollywood films.

For applicants from countries that require visas to enter Canada, it is very important to submit application well in advance of your intended travel to ensure no last-minute hassles for obtaining a tourist visa. Some applicants maybe required to undergo medical examination before the visa is issued to them.

It is crucial for a Tourist visa application to be successful, to establish and demonstrate the purpose of the trip, financial ability to travel and be able to afford the stay in Canada etc. The applicant must be able to demonstrate ‘established ties’ to their country of national or residence to be able to convince the visa officer overseas of their ‘temporary intent’ to visit Canada. It is recommended to get a letter of invitation from a relative in Canada if your purpose of the trip is to visit and relative and take a vacation in Canada. Some applicants maybe inadmissible to Canada due to Criminal Activity in the past, or having committed a serious offence for which the person was convicted.

On the occasion of a wedding or celebration in the family Canada, it would be recommended that the applicant be provided with the wedding card/celebration invite that states the date of the event, venue and contact number of the person organising the event from the family.

Once the applicant has entered Canada as a visitor, and they wish to extend their stay beyond the vailidity of their visa, they may do so by submitting an application for extension to the Canadian Case Processing Centre in Vegreville, Alberta. The application must be sent a month prior to expiry of their authorized stay in Canada. The application form, extension fees and supporting documentation must be complete to be successful in getting a Tourist visa extension.

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Mrs. Divya Bakshi Arya
Diva Immigration Services's consultants are expert immigration professionals. Send us your question and one of our experts will follow up with you shortly.


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Testimonial from a Client

December 2007

Dear Divya,
Thank you so much for helping out with my visitor visa application to Canada. The whole process was so smooth and I could not believe it when I saw the visitor visa stamped on my passport. The confidence you gave me during the interview preparation made all the difference to being sure that I would get the visa. I was highly impressed with the file prepared by you and all the coordination efforts put in by you on this case.

I thank you with all my heart, for making a distant dream a reality.



September 11, 2007,

To Whom It May Concern:

We highly recommend Divya Arya Bakshi at the Law Firm of Diva Immigration Services

We had sponsored our parents on visitors visa from Fiji and their visa got rejected twice.

We ended up spending so much money previously. We went to one of the immigration consultants and he filled out the forms for us, but it looked the same as what we had filled out in the first application.

I heard Divya on the radio show one day and I called her. I told her that I went to one of the immigration consultants and he has charged us a lot of fees to fill out the visa application form and it doesn’t look anything different then what we had previously filled out. She said to bring in the paperwork and she’ll take a look. The very next we got the appointment to see. When we met Divya she was very approachable, she went through the application form and told us that not enough information was provided; it doesn’t show that your parents have any ties to Fiji and that they will return back. That was the reason earlier why the other applications were rejected. Divya knew what she was talking about. Divya did all the paperwork all over again totally different then the other application. She provided each and every little details, such as all of our bank info, employment letters, passport and citizenship, kids, house details if we had enough room for them to stay, and she also wrote a letter on our behalf, not only she provided our information also she filled out all of our parents information. She provided the family info for my parents, bank statements and land ownership info and papers the important thing she filled out was my father’s occupation to land owner / farmer, not just a farmer like the other application we had filled out. All our parents had to do in Fiji was to sign the documents and mail to Australia. They didn’t have to go to any travel agent in Fiji to get their application form filled or checked out. Divya makes it very simple and easy. My parents were granted 6 months visitors visa within 6 weeks of application.

After getting our parents visa rejected twice we didn’t think they could ever come here, but it’s all to Divya’s hard work my parent made to Canada.

We highly recommend Divya arya Bakshi and guaranty her commitment to you.

Thank you Divya.



Vedh and Nalini Singh

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